My background is not too important. The things to know are that I know God is my father, I have a wife and family that love me, and I know there is a battle to fight. I would say I am a pillow and a whetstone.

I am that soft place to fall for my wife, a cheerleader for my daughters, and bear cub for my grandchildren. I call women “ma’am” and open doors for anyone, because that is the way I was raised.

I attempt to help boys become men and men to be better men, by sharpening their understanding of God and life. To know that you must take steps toward God to truly know his blessings.

At age 58, I got my first tattoo, a combination of the cross and a broadsword with writing on it that says “Warrior of the Trinity”. It is what I live by, and I hope to show others that with a band of brothers, with God’s authority, your life can have blessed meaning.

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