We realize that Boot Camp in the midst of a global pandemic requires us to do things a little different. We also know that  “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7) and that he calls us to be bold in our faith while being wise as serpents.

Our desire is to provide a safe environment for all Boot Camp attendees with as little disruption as possible to the Boot Camp experience. All attendees are asked and expected to follow the plans below. We understand that for some men the following may be doing too much and for others it may not be doing enough. The plan below has been prayed over and yet if circumstances change, we will make revisions as led by the Spirit and promptly update this page.

With the above in mind, we ask each man to ask God whether this Spring Boot Camp is for you. He knows best! This won’t be our last boot camp and we understand that some may choose to attend at a later date. Nevertheless, for those that choose to attend, we are committed to the following plan and eagerly anticipate our time together with each other and with God!



If on or after March 8th you are either: (1) exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, or (2) in close contact with someone exhibiting symptoms or expected or confirmed to have a positive case of COVID-19, you must confirm with us the following in order to attend boot camp this spring:

(1) you have not experienced symptoms of COVID-19 since March 25th (14 days prior to boot camp),

(2) your most recent exposure to someone expected or confirmed to have a positive case of COVID-19 must have been on or before October 8th, and

(3) you have taken a viral test (preferably 7-8 days after the exposure) for the current presence of COVID-19 and have received a negative test result indicating no infection.

If you are unable to confirm all of the above, we will roll over your registration fee for use at a future boot camp.


Upon arrival, each attendee will have his temperature checked with a non-contact thermometer and asked to confirm (1) that he is not currently experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and (2) that he has not been exposed to someone expected or confirmed to have a positive case of COVID-19 since March 25th. If you arrive with a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher, you will be asked to return home.


  • 6’ social distancing of participants at tables
  • masks required while inside the lodge when 6’ social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • tables to be sprayed/sanitized prior to each session
  • counters & other high touch surfaces sprayed prior to each session
  • hand sanitizer available for additional use by participants throughout the lodge


  • limited to 50% capacity – max of 6 in 12-person cabin
  • sink/restroom sprayed/sanitized twice daily
  • sanitizer available for additional use by cabin participants
  • masks not required
  • maintain social distancing when possible

Dining Hall:

  • hand sanitizer on table/stand at the start of the food line
  • reduced seating capacity at tables
  • after finished eating, migrate outside for conversations or wear mask inside
  • maintain social distancing when possible


  • masks not required
  • maintain social distancing when possible


  • maintain appropriate social distancing when possible
  • regular hand washing recommended


Fed/State/Local Guidance (as of 03/23/21):

CDC Recommendations:


State of Missouri:

Local Orders

Statewide County Map: https://www.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/59135fbe6eb24581b8d5dd78964ec1e4

Henry County (where Life Change Camp is located) – no local order, local guidance here.