There is no doubt that this message has changed my life! From being a man who was checking the box, going through the motions, and being passive; I now have real life, freedom, and healing on a daily basis.

Somehow, I always knew the desires of my heart, but couldn’t put them into words. The Christian men of this ministry have called me up (through Jesus) to live my life as a warrior for His Kingdom.

My identity, manhood, and spiritual leadership are no longer a part of this world; but are directly linked to my Father in Heaven. This ministry has given me a newfound mission to bring the Word of Jesus to thirsty men who are in need of hope and desire.

There is still much work to be done in my marriage, with my children, and in my manhood; but this adventure along the masculine journey has me excited to see what will be new each and every day as I partner with my Lord.

Come and experience E6 Ministries through the Boot Camps and men’s studies provided by this team. It is absolutely worth the risk!!

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