Jesus, Jesus, Jesus – there is not much else to say.  If you’ve come to this site because your own brokenness and the seeming weight of it has almost seemed too much to bear – I’ve been there.  If you’ve come to this site because you long to see Christians across our great country live authentic, Spirit-filled lives where the triune God oozes out of their pores in such a way that others can’t help but be changed by their presence – I’m right there with you.  If, in spite of that heartfelt desire, you’ve personally blown it more times than you can count –  me too.  I spent a lot of years (too many) reading, studying, teaching, leading, and worshiping about how to ride the proverbial Jesus bike without ever really truly getting on the bike and riding.  Sure, there were times when I got on with training wheels and maybe pushed it around the driveway but as soon as the Jesus bike leaned in a way that wasn’t comfortable, I was quick to park it in the garage and go back to walking on my own.  It wasn’t until I attended a Ransomed Heart Boot Camp that the training wheels finally came off and I began to walk with God — weekly, daily, moment to moment.   Oh sure, I still blow it (every day), but now if the world, the enemy, or my own sinful nature causes fear/doubt/anger/shame to creep in I can close my eyes and let Jesus take the wheel, err, handlebars, rather than run back to the garage and try to rely on my own woefully inadequate strength.  I long for men to know and be known by Jesus – personally, intimately – in a way that brings healing, restoration, and life.  Come join us on the journey – you won’t regret it!

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