Whether you clicked on my bio on purpose or by accident… grab some popcorn and enjoy the ride. Let me start by saying how blessed I am to be a son of God the Father. He’s blessed me with a wonderful wife, Sally, and two beautiful kids, Cole and Kaitlyn.

I’m a work in progress and a warrior for His Kingdom. I’ve been blessed by many and continue to work every day to glorify God in all that I do.

I enjoy watching my kids grow and compete in activities, loving my wife to the fullest extent, and battling through the adventure of triathlons with my family and friends at my side.

God the Father has given me tremendous adventures and many blessings over my lifetime. Some I recognized immediately as blessings and some came as formidable challenges that caused me to realize the tremendous blessings he had in store for me, which I later had to seek him to understand.

I’ve not always been the most understanding of God’s plan for me, which led to a lot of “growing pains” as I grew in my faith. You see, until I really understood the Father’s love for me and the forces against me in realizing that love, I was easily distracted.

I met my band of brothers in 2013 and participated in a Wild at Heart book study. I’d always had a relationship with God the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, but I never fully understood my role in his plan. His healing power transformed my heart and provided freedom from the enemy’s lies. I became a better husband, father, and friend. I realized God does amazing things and I’m committed to glorify him through those amazing works.

I look forward to sharing more of my story with you and seeing God’s blessing continue in this ministry. To God be the Glory!!

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