For centuries men have gathered around fires – for warmth, for food and for connection. Perhaps more than anything, a campfire has always been a place for men to gather and share stories. The pace of modern life suggests that this ancient practice of gathering around a fire is unnecessary, but in letting it go, we’ve lost something.

“God is not bound by time, nor is our story. God unfolds the plot in His own time. It is in our months or years of waiting that our story comes to maturity. It is over a lifetime of stories that he turns our desire toward Him.”

― Dan B. Allender, To Be Told

Fires are an authentic, monthly gathering where men experience God through the stories of other men. Join us as we create a space for all men to be welcomed and honored as we learn, grow, and practice, becoming sons together.

Join us on the Second Tuesday of every month from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm.

Register below to receive monthly notice of the location for each month’s fire. Bring your own chair and drinks/snacks.