I used to think I was born at the wrong time… that I should have been born in the late 1800s and been a mountain man. I’d always been a little adventurous and an insecure loner. Mountain man seemed like the perfect fit; either that or a hermit. I didn’t want or need people, or so I thought.

As I matured, I saw how my father had many friends which enriched his life and brought him joy. It made me realize that my lack of friends created a void in my life. I needed people, I needed FRIENDS. But I’d been loaner all my life, and I didn’t know how to make friends. So I did what I do when I’m lost and don’t know what to do… first I tried to do it on my own. When that didn’t work, I moped for a while, and finally I prayed for friends, good strong male friends.

God brought me the leaders of E6 Ministries as friends. 8 strong godly men. We are a band of brothers. Bonds that are closer and stronger than what I could have envisioned. God has used these men to stretch me out of my comfort zone.

I have always wanted to be in the background (an introvert/loner doesn’t really want to be seen), but these men challenged me to get in front of and lead men at our programs/events. They encouraged me to share what God is doing and has done in my life. It has given me confidence not only in myself, but confidence in God working in and through me.

While I still need time to myself to refresh, I never want to be a loner again. God has changed me, I’m very comfortable with who I am, how God made has me and…when I was born.

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