Restoration… What does that truly mean to us in today’s world? What’ s required in restoration? With the ever-increasing popularity of the “reality” home improvement shows, in varying platforms, we continually see a house or property transformed or “restored” to its full potential and beauty. Believe me I’ve seen many of these shows as my beautiful wife absolutely loves these shows. The excitement of seeing the personal stories, design, but most importantly the final product in all its glory. They’re certainly entertaining, and as a person who enjoys the results of hard work, I can appreciate the final product and truly enjoy seeing the reactions of the homeowners as the “reveal” occurs. I mean seriously, these are feel good stories. But the one thing I always struggle with is how easy they make the transformation process look. We’re talking about renovating complete basket cases of houses here. Not simply cosmetic work like paint and windows, but structural changes, wall removal, complete re-wires, etc. But that’s how everything is presented in “reality” TV right? Instant gratification with minimal effort.

So, do we apply this same expectation to our personal restoration? I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I know I absolutely did and still do at times. I don’t think I’m unique in that either. I remember early in my walk with the Father, I expected an immediate transformation and full restoration. All the trials and tribulations would be wiped away and my thought process would immediately offer clarity and understanding of how life works. Things would be easier, or so I thought. Well, I think we as men tend to treat our own lives like a “reality” TV home improvement show that is cleaned up, reconstructed and fully restored in 30 minutes to an hour. The struggles conveniently edited out of the final production.

In true reality, our restoration process is just that… a process. One that requires reliance on God to father us through our challenges and seasons of life. The enemy wants us to believe when the process takes longer than we expect that we’re not restorable or we’re damaged goods. But the Father wants us to have a restored heart and that can only be achieved through the healing and love of the Father. That is where the true restoration begins and continues in us through our relationship with him. Too often we get taken out by the enemy way to easily because our earthly impatience gets in the way and we want the results but don’t know the process behind it. Much like those that decide they’re going to buy a house and restore it based solely on the knowledge they gained from watching these shows… They don’t have a full understanding because they didn’t see or get educated on the full process to restoration.

In our spiritual restoration, God is our answer at every turn. He knows our hearts and has the full set of blueprints to bring the full potential he created us to achieve. We just need to rely on him, trust him and lean in to him so he can reveal these truths. In turn he exposes the enemy’s attacks and we can fully resist the lies and agreements that keep us distracted and in some cases completely taken out. As we continue in our faithfulness God, restores us through his unconditional love and healing. Now that’s a “reality” I can relate to. As we continue on our personal walks remember we’re in the middle of an epic story filled with war. And In war there are constant battles being fought. The same goes for restoration. The enemy will lie, cheat and steal to prevent restoration. He’s a sore loser, but we have been given the ultimate advantage through Jesus Christ’s victory on the cross. Always, remember that we come to battle from a position of victory. Fight on Brothers!

Isaiah 41:13 “For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, “Do not fear; I will help you”

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