Growing up, I was used to seeing men that seemed in control of their lives, keeping it all straight and always knowing what to do next. I tried over the years to emulate them but found it very difficult to be complete.

Then, I found out that God wants to be in control of my life! I don’t know about you, but after years of trying to control outcomes, I still find it difficult to let go of things; past, present and future.

Past wrongs in my life, both mine and others

Past jobs

Towns lived in and churches attended

Control over decisions with my business

Worries for family health

Control of planning and preparation

The list could go on and on….


It comes down to letting go of control.


It is not that I don’t trust God. I do. I just don’t know where I am supposed to be “hands off” or that point where I am supposed to help myself. Sometimes I think that I waste God’s time on the small stuff that I should be doing. I know that He has plenty of more important things to be helping folks with.

I have heard the question “How big is God?” I know that answer – He is big enough to handle anything. I just hate to bother Him with the small stuff.

But I see that if I keep all the small things from God, two things happen. First, all those small things overpower me and I become ineffective for God. Second, I take on God’s role, without thinking about it.

Like I said, it is tough letting go of control of the situations in my life, but I know that everything will be better if I do so.

So, I pray to let go of control and worry. I prepare for the answers God provides and work His plan accordingly.

I hope that you will reflect on your own actions to make sure that you are not trying to tackle all the small stuff too.

Give it to God. Just practice letting go…… It will make a difference for you.

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