I just recently came back from vacation and while driving to work I saw that my engine light was on. I could ignore this, but the damage from doing so could possibly be catastrophic.

The same goes for our emotional well being. I had ignored (my emotional engine light) and pushed down my negative feelings for years and paid the price for this in many ways. I could write a book on this one but will spare you the details. My wife and I have now learned to invite Jesus into the issues of life that confront us.

We just recently faced a situation that was extremely difficult and our stress levels were very high. We talked about our feelings with this situation and then chose to invite Jesus into it. We simply asked Jesus what He wanted us to know and then we quietly waited. My wife saw Jesus sitting next to us at the meeting we were going to attend on the following day. Jesus told her that He had everything under control. I sensed Jesus telling us that He would be there with us and would help us through the situation.

We did experience some stress the following day, but nothing like we would have experienced had we not invited Jesus into this. Thank you, Jesus, for wanting to be a part of everything we do!

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