As the saying goes, “The only thing constant is change.” That has been especially true for my family over the past year. See, we don’t just do things halfway or in moderation. Of course I’m kidding…kind of. So where am I going with this you ask? While in prayer this morning, God laid it on me, in a good way. I have been feeling so tired lately, a little distant and just worn out by many large “life changes” here recently. So why was this a good thing; God disrupts our lives via these “life changes” to draw us near to him and father us. Let me give you the quick background.

Not quite ten months ago, God blessed me with a bold plan he laid out to me in prayer. Disruption #1: I was to get out of my comfort zone, change jobs and accept a major challenge. It required me being bold in a way I never have been before and this was going to be a big step for me. But it was clear God was leading this and this was a blessing he wanted to bestow on me. I obeyed and we went on the journey together. It was tough and a major disruption. So, I leaned in with a lot of prayer, faith and strength through the Father. After a few months, I was starting to feel somewhat comfortable. You know, typical new job stuff. Getting to know the team, how to lead and manage people and situations, office politics, policies, etc. I knew it was God’s plan and I certainly needed him to get through this phase of change.

After being in the new job for six months, the company was approached to be acquired. Another major disruption. A deal was quickly struck which was something I’d never worked through before, let alone at that speed. It was a learning experience for sure. Once the acquisition was nearly complete, the enemy began to pounce and lay the lie that my job was in jeopardy. I went straight to the Father in prayer. I knew he’d brought me to this journey for a reason, after all it was a blessing. But what did all this mean? God showed up and told me that this too was part of his blessing. I was so confused but trusted his words to me. God worked on my behalf the entire time of acquisition. Once the acquisition was complete, I had been blessed in numerous ways. I was asked to further expand my role within the new company and many of the obstacles to do so which were in my path previously were removed. I can’t fully convey to you what a blessing this was. It required a lot of energy and faith but God delivered in a big way as it was another major disruption.

So, two big disruptions by God’s design in less than seven months. So, I thought, “we did it,” now we can coast a bit; right? My family and I were so thankful to God but certainly felt some fatigue. That’s when the Father said, “I’m not done with you yet, Son.” This time it was leadership in the home. My wife was presented with a similar situation. A new opportunity to advance in her work but another big disruption. So, there it was disruption #3, all within 10 months. We leaned into this again with the Father to make sure it was his blessing. He was adamant and as a family we embraced the blessing and the Father. This would require strength through him. So, a few weeks ago, my wife entered her new journey with the Father. We continue to lean on him in prayer and he is so faithful.

I share this for two reasons. God is faithful, loving and will bring you blessings you didn’t even know were possible. Secondly, God wants us to embrace the disruptions and lean into him. Our intimacy with the Father opens up so many blessings, gives us so much strength in the process and radically changes our perspective in this broken world. Too many times we step away from God instead leaning into him in these situations. Even when we know the disruption is of him. This is where he shows us his magnificent love for us as his Sons. His disruptions are good and necessary. So lean in, Brothers! He’s a good, good Father!

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