We recently listened to a message on praying for family members and were encouraged to never give up. There is always hope when we pray for family and friends until the day they depart from this world. We know this first hand in our own lives. After praying for our son for years and not knowing if we would see him come around in our lifetime, the unthinkable happened. He hit rock bottom, turned to God and has begun a new life. His ninety day Hope City rehabilitation program is coming to a close and he is standing strong. This is nothing short of a miracle and we know this has been a result of years of prayers by many.

There were numerous times that we struggled in our faith, not knowing if our son would make it another year, a month or even a few days, but we chose to continue the good fight. It has been a battle but our perseverance has paid off, “FREEDOM” for the one who has been held captive by the enemy of our soul. I want to encourage anyone who has family or friends that are distant or in trouble, pray and make a declaration to the enemy that you will never give up praying for them. God will move on your behalf.

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