There are three types of people that you may come across this week, starting this new year:

  1. The ones that say, “Happy New Year” and mean it. They know it is a great time to be alive! They are genuine and are happy to see people.
  2. The type that can only worry about what they did not get done last year and add that worry onto getting everything done this year also. (Did not lose that weight or save enough money.)
  3. And the last type, the ones who just do not care. They are just going through the motions of life and waiting for their next disappointment.

I hope you are a #1 type. Life is so much better.

If you look at the three types, the thing that separates #1 from #2 and #3 is belief. Belief in God and His plan. Belief in the scriptures and the promises made to us.

For this new year – please answer the following questions:

  1. Do you believe in God?
  2. Do you believe in God as the Trinity; Father Son and Holy Ghost?
  3. Do you believe in the miracles that Jesus performed?
  4. Do you believe in the promises that God has made to us? The rewards?
  5. Do you know in your heart that you will be with God when your days on earth are done?

If I had put “Why?” after each question, what would you answer?


E6 Ministries is founded on the scripture of Ephesians 6 – specifically putting on the Armor of God and fighting against evil. We are fighting for the restoration of men, families and churches. We believe that any person that also believes must put on the Armor of God and fight.

Belief can be costly. You can lose family, “friends’ and opportunities for having and sharing your belief in God. The heavenly rewards promised are very much worth it.

When I was 17, myself and a couple others decided to start a Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter at our high school. The rejection by most of the guys in athletics was tough, specially since many had been friends since grade school. But it was worth it, the start of a great program that continues today.

Never doubt that any trial, hardship, dissention of family or friends, health issue or other is just a moment in our time. God has promised restoration and rewards for taking up the sword in His Name. This road may be tough here on earth, but what is waiting for us will make every tough day; every bad situation just wash away.


I had a dream the other night and would like to share with you.

I was on a dirt road, gradually climbing at every turn. Then on both side of the road were boots, helmets, shields and swords in huge piles, seems like for miles. I turned the last bend and there were the gates into heaven.

As I walked up to the gate, I was told I could not enter dressed as I was. I asked what did I need to do and the voice softly answered, “Take off the Armor of God. You don’t need it beyond these gates.” As I stripped off the armor, all pain, anger and sorrow fell off me too.

As I stepped through the Gate, the Voice said “Welcome home. You have no more wars to fight. Please join everyone waiting to see you”.


Folks, I believe in my heart that God let me see this just to remind me that all the pain, sorrow and troubles are really worth it. I believe and I know that God exists and waits to see us in his time.

I pray you start or continue to fight the fight, endure the junk that the earth throws at you and look forward to the day of restoration.

Belief in Him

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