I grew up as an oilfield brat. Our family followed my father from oilfield to oilfield across 3 states. At 16, I started working in that same oilfield, learning all I could about the gas and oil industry.

By 22, I was working as a consultant, directing exploration and completion activities for small independent companies. Money was being thrown around like it was paper, with many temptations along the way. My dad told me one time, “It takes 30 years to get a good reputation, but only 5 minutes to lose it.” He told me to choose wisely in what I would accept.

I had always known there were consequences for my actions. That statement was my first real understanding about what integrity meant and just how important it was. Integrity is just one characteristic of a man of God, but it is so crucial to our existence and pursuit of a Godly life.

From that point forward, I learned how important it is to make sure people know where you stand; where you draw that line in the sand and say, “I go no further than this.”

One definition of integrity is “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.” You have probably heard it said another way – “doing the right thing when no one is looking.”

God is always looking, so do the right thing. Make the right choices for the right reasons. Be the father who guides and disciplines his children, the son whom a parent can trust, and the man a father can entrust his daughter’s life to.

Integrity can be expensive. It can cost you relationships with people who don’t believe or respect your stance in life. In striving to live a life of integrity, you will have these types of losses and there will be more to come, but don’t change what you believe.

The disciples had integrity to continue the ministry after Jesus ascended. Most met terrible fates, but they continued doing the right thing even with a constant threat of death hanging over their lives. Their rewards, as ours will be, are not here on earth. Our rewards are waiting for us, because He has prepared a place for us. What a great feeling!

My company motto is something I strive to follow every single day:

Integrity does not stand in my way… it is my way. (WM)

Please remember one thing as you go out this week. You are not defined by your failures; rather by your attempts, your heart, your faith, and your integrity.

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