Over the past 8 months or so, I have had two continuous fears of dying.

First; when I die, will I really be allowed into heaven? All the things I have done and not done… I have worried that God would say, “You just did not do enough of the right things to enter into Heaven, Warren.

My heart’s desire to get to Heaven was clouded by my mind knowing that we live in a performance-based world.  Work, many relationships, and life in general require accomplishments. And the bar keeps rising just to meet average. Many churches I attended over the years talked about all I had to do through service to be a worthy Christian. Hard to break that teaching and training.

Jesus provided us Grace to get to Heaven when He went to the cross. Knowing with my mind now, I no longer dwell on if I am getting to Heaven, but think about what I am going to do when I get there.

My second fear of dying is not being here for my bride. Janet and I have been married just over 24 years and friends a lot longer. I have been able to provide for and take care of her through a number of illnesses and a lot of surgeries.

As I listened to my favorite song this morning, God told me to let Him have Janet. He reminded me He had her long before I came into her life, and He would take care of her until she goes home to Heaven. He also reminded me that He has had me all along too; through all the battles I have fought and those I am still fighting. He told me that all my prayers count and nothing is too big for Him.

Keep the door open” were His words.

I wanted to share this, in case anyone ever had doubts.

Until next time….Warren

The Promise

As a warrior of the Trinity, we know that God is with us. Although we may fall in the fight against evil, we know and believe that God is victorious.

Even through hurt, we will continue to fight until we draw that last breath on this earth. Fighting the battle of the Lord is the worthiest mission we can hope to be a part of.


…..I look down and I find myself on a dirt path in hilly country, with some trees off to each side of the road.

As I progress higher, there is a sword just lying in the path; old, well used, cracks in the blade, coated with a layer of dust. A little further up the path, a shield and mace are laying on the ground at the edge of the path. The shield dented and pitted from heavy use.

As the path continues up, I see whole suits of armor, even sandals, lying across the road as if someone had just stripped them off and laid them down. Some gear was covered in dust and other suits appeared to just have been placed there.

I hear swords striking each other and I see a warrior of the Trinity battling evil from all sides.  I rush to help and we push back the offenders into the shadows.  I turn around to see the warrior fall from a mortal wound.  It is only when I get a look, do I realize the warrior is a woman.  And in an instant, her body fades away and all that remains is her armor and a sword.

Continuing my walk up the road, I see more weapons and armor strewn about the area, as if a large battle had taken place right here.  Rounding another corner on the path, I see large mounds, 6 feet high and 10 feet deep, of weapons, armor, shields and helmets neatly stacked some 100 feet off the path.  As I look forward, the piles extend forward as far as I can see.

I walked what seemed to be hours and made what was to be my last turn in the path, and about a quarter of a mile ahead was the gate of Heaven.  I noticed the armor lined the path all the way to the wall holding Heaven’s Gate.

As I neared the Gate, I could see warriors; men and women, old and young, in different states of dress.  Some taking off their armor, some without it as they just appear at the Gate.  Those taking off armor were stacking it to the side of the path.

As I continued to walk closer, I could see children and adults of all ages also appearing before the Gate.  Everyone, warriors or not, appeared to have afflictions; scars, broken limbs, some bent over and limping and many crying.  Then I witnessed each one walk through the Gate.  I sped up, walking faster, to try to learn what was actually happening. Just as I approached the line of people, I was stopped by a guardian of the Gate to Heaven.

I asked why I was able to see all I had and was seeing. He told me it was gift from God.

As I looked to the front of the line, I could see the people; broken, hurting and beat down, crossing the threshold of the Gate and restored.  What were battle weary and scarred, crippled individuals before; healthy, vibrant and free people strode off into Heaven. No scars, no pain, no tears. Just Grace and Glory.

Some people were transformed as they passed into Heaven.  Some small children looked older, even adult age, while some adults became younger.  But every person appeared without pain, without fear.

I turned to the guardian and asked why some people were transformed, whether younger or older and some appeared to be restored only.

The guardian told me that God always promised us Restoration.  Those that were transformed, either younger or older, was God making them what He had planned for them.

The guardian then told me to leave since my time had not come.  He told me to tell people what I saw and to tell all that the Restoration is real and certain.

I asked on more question about the piles of armor and swords. The guardian told me in Heaven there is no need for armor, since the battles each person has fought are over.


So, I have written about what God has allowed me to see a few months ago.  I have not done justice to the images I have seen, but I hope you understand the delivered Promise to each of us.

Grace and Glory await us. Pain will not endure. Scars will not exist.

We will be with the Trinity.

Crossing The Threshold

I am not sure if it is a common practice now, but there used to be a ritual for newly married couples where the groom would carry the bride over the threshold of the front door of the home they would be living in as a couple. There was anticipation of a new adventure and life together, and a little anxiety that the husband would not drop the bride.

Not sure many people use the word threshold now; doorway, opening, entrance, or way in have replaced this term.

Over the years, I have crossed many thresholds. Some crossings have been with anticipation and some with dread and anxiety.

Carrying Janet into our home after we were married, crossing the threshold with great happiness and expectation of an adventurous life.

Entering the hospital to visit my daughter twice for the birth of grandchildren, and how much happiness it brought to my heart.

Entering a nursing home, the last time to see my father, and how much sadness I felt knowing I would not see him again here.

Entering hospitals so many times to visit my wife, with sickness and ailments, and how much anxiety and pain I felt, not being able to help.

Entering the church on a weekend to praise God and feeling joy just to be there.

Entering the church for a funeral and pain that comes from loss.


Each time we enter somewhere, we cross a threshold. Each time we leave, we cross a threshold.

We have one final threshold to cross and I am looking forward to it. Crossing the threshold at the Gate of Heaven.

We are on this side of the Gate and know what is here; pain, suffering, scars, fear, sadness, tears and the list goes on….

But imagine what it will be like to cross THE threshold into Heaven. You will have no more fears, aches, sadness. Your scars will fade. No more pain or tears.

This will all be replaced by stillness, peace, sound body, and boundless joy.

One step and everything you have known, seen and done will change. Restoration happens. You will breathe in the sweet air of Heaven and you are transformed.

Just imagine what will change for you.  Just imagine….

A Blessed Weekend

Yesterday at noon, we finished another boot camp. What an incredible blessed time for the 57 men that attended this weekend. God is always there for us, and He showed us again the blessings and mercy He has given each of us.

Our E6 team started off on Thursday morning to travel down just outside of Clinton, Missouri, to a great camp aptly named LifeChange. It truly provided each man there that opportunity, to change his life.

Men began arriving at just before 4pm to check in and prepare for the weekend. There was excitement for something new coming, with fall leaves showing God’s colorful wonder.

Throughout the weekend, men at different times, had their moment when God showed His love and spirit. Unplugging from the distractions of work, phones, email, television and cell phones gave each man the opportunity to be able to listen and, in many cases, hear and or see God. A number of men were provided answers that have had on their hearts since childhood.

When Sunday rolled around, many of the men had found friendships and brotherhood for the first time. Some men became mentors of others.

The greatest thing to see was a renewed fire in the eyes of the men who attended this boot camp. Some were beaten down pretty well when they registered Thursday afternoon. The attacks and warfare that some men encountered prior to coming to camp was overwhelming. But now they had a new arsenal to fight the enemy; to protect their family, their marriage, and their restored heart.

And they know they are not alone. God stands with each of us, no matter.

And we know in the end that the Trinity prevails.

It was a blessing to be there this weekend.


I get the privilege to announce that E6 Ministries will be putting on their first Advanced Boot Camp – February 21-24, 2019 at LifeChange Camp, just outside of Clinton, Missouri.

Advanced Boot Camp is for anyone who has attended an E6 Ministries or Ransomed Heart Basic Boot Camp. There are limited spots for this first-time event and I hope you will consider attending the deeper dive into the restoration of the heart with us. Registration is available now on the E6 Ministries website at

Blessings on your life….Warren

The Difference You Can Make

Most everyone has seen “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I would guess that sometime in your life you have asked “What am I worth” or “What difference do I make”? I know I have.

I am here to tell you that no matter where you are in life, you do and can make a difference in people’s lives, which can affect many more lives. Much of your influence you will never know about.

Your choices influence and provide guidance to your family, friends, and maybe co-workers. It is your decision to be a good or poor influence. I recommend be intentional and for good.

If you are blessed with spouse and/or children, know they learn much from you. Your spirit, passion, attitude, and goals influence each of their lives. And the choices they make in their future.

I believe in the “space time continuum” from the Back to the Future movie series. If we were to have done one thing different, much, if not all we see in our life, would not be present. Live with no regrets. From this day forward, be intentional with your relationships.

First, with Jesus. Connect or reconnect with Him to ground your existence. Set aside time daily to ask Him for guidance. Unplug from all noise so you can hear His response. Don’t rush His answer.

Next, any close family members should know who you are and what you believe in. Again, take the time to talk and listen to each other.

It is never too late to become a positive influence in someone’s life. Kind words, encouragement, and constructive discussion may provide the right direction for someone who is wandering through life, without purpose. Sometimes, you may have to give “tough love” to provide the correct influence.

As I stated earlier, each of us may never know what someone does because of us, but the impacts can be huge.

My two daughters have played roles that they will never see the final outcomes, but I can imagine what their impact has been on others.

My oldest just retired as a Flight Medic in the Air National Guard and was deployed multiple times overseas. She and the crews she worked with provided life-saving measures on hundreds of men and women injured during the war. Each veteran’s life saved provided an opportunity for their lives to be a continued influence on their families.

My youngest is helping train, through a hospital, resident doctors to learn how to ask patients questions to determine their illnesses and develop a good “bedside manner”. These doctors may one day have a great influence on the many people they see in their practice.

And on it goes……

So back to you – Are you influencing people and how?

If not, ask yourself this – Where can I make a difference? Is there someone that I can mentor?

I challenge each of you to take a step forward and make a difference in someone’s life.

Your brother in Christ, Warren

P.S.  Something is coming on May 1st.  Registration for the fall Boot Camp will open.  Hope you can make it!

The Second Most Important Gift You Ever Will Receive

Christmas Day, 2017! What a Blessed Day, in any year.

It is hard to believe that God blessed us with his Son so many years ago, and Jesus is still the most influential Person to ever walk this earth.

Jesus remains to this day The Gift: to the world, to each individual. And like any gift, we have the choice to accept or not accept The Gift. Once we accept Christ, our responsibilities increase exponentially. We become responsible for telling others about Christ and fighting for the hearts of men, women and children.

I want to touch briefly on the second most important gift you ever will receive – a little more time. Does not sound like to big a deal, but it is.

Jim Croce sang “Time in a Bottle”. Here are the opening lines:

If I could save time in a bottle
The first thing that I’d like to do

Is to save every day
‘Til eternity passes away
Just to spend them with you

If I could make days last forever
If words could make wishes come true
I’d save every day like a treasure and then,
Again, I would spend them with you

Well, we can’t save time and we can’t take our time here in this earthly life for granted. If you have accepted the First Gift of Jesus, then you are here on God’s time.

We need to spend that time being better spouses, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, friends, warriors and disciples.

That means setting aside time to be all of those things, which is the challenge. It means being intentional with your time and choose wisely what you commit yourself to. It is tough to balance all the things we have to do and what we want to do.

On November 30th, I was coming back from Chicago and my wife had to have emergency surgery before I could land and get to the hospital. My daughter had taken my wife to the ER and had been with her there most of the day. I sent out a request to my E6 brothers to see if someone could go to the hospital, just until I could get there. A number showed up, met and kept my daughter company until I got to the hospital. Some stayed until the surgery was over. That is what a band of brothers does for each other. I know it took them away from family and other duties they had. I am grateful for their friendship and efforts.

 Here are just a few scriptures that address our mission in this earthly Godly life:

Romans 13:11 – And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.

1 Corinthians 10:31 – Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

Romans 12:1 – I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

If after reading these scriptures, you have questions on how to get started, please contact me.

Now the rest of the story….

The timing of this emergency was amazing. Had it occurred 5 days later, Janet and I would have been on vacation, outside of the US. The outcome would not have been the same. We thank God this emergency happened right before our trip. We accept this as a blessing.

We accept this as our best gift this year – a little more time…….together.

Earthly Sacrifices

The last time I visited with you I discussed integrity and that integrity is sometimes costly. Or so it seems to us now, here in this life.

I am sure that every one of you have made sacrifices or “given in” in all kind of situations throughout your life. You may have gone to work instead of going to college to help your family; worked a second job to afford an apartment, a house, or reliable car; moved away from family and friends to take a job; or loaned money to a friend and were never repaid. The list may go on and on.

If you look back on those times, were the sacrifices you made worth it? Even if things did not work out, did you learn something that you could take with you in order to make better choices later? There is value in every decision you make. That also means taking ownership of your actions, whether you are the hero or the loser.

I have made some sacrifices in my life that have been both good and bad at the same time but always a learning experience. I can’t say I liked the bad times, but looking back, it probably was not as bad as I thought at the time.

As we step to closer to the Trinity, closer to a holy life, some sacrifices we have to make are larger and harder, because there is more at stake, so much more. Choosing Christ and taking active steps toward holiness can separate you from family, friends, and acquaintances who do not believe or even walk in faith like you do. It is tough to do, but as you go forward, the rewards will be worth it. You may not see it here, but you will see it.

This is also about the time that Satan will try to make you second-guess your actions. Do you have those thoughts or even a little voice saying, “Why should you?” or “you are just stupid, these people don’t care” or “you are worthless, why would God want you?”

I really want to make something clear, God would never say those things to you. He only builds us up, he wants us to succeed, to be with him. Anything else you hear is the enemy!

Time is the one area of sacrifice that may be the toughest to reconcile. There is no repayment, no getting it back. Having to work and miss a child’s soccer or baseball game, doing mission work away from home when the air conditioner breaks, or just too tired to do everything on your list, all of these examples cost us time in one way or another. Although tough and sometimes heartbreaking, remember these are just earthly sacrifices. One glorious day it will not matter, for when we meet God all trouble, all pain, and all tears will be gone, never to return. That is God’s amazing promise to those who are in Christ!!!

I have been fortunate to meet the eight other men in this ministry who reach out and push men to restore their hearts and reconnect with God and their families. We sacrifice time from our families but believe that the eternal rewards far outweigh the earthly costs.

Where do you sacrifice?

The Way of Integrity

I grew up as an oilfield brat. Our family followed my father from oilfield to oilfield across 3 states. At 16, I started working in that same oilfield, learning all I could about the gas and oil industry.

By 22, I was working as a consultant, directing exploration and completion activities for small independent companies. Money was being thrown around like it was paper, with many temptations along the way. My dad told me one time, “It takes 30 years to get a good reputation, but only 5 minutes to lose it.” He told me to choose wisely in what I would accept.

I had always known there were consequences for my actions. That statement was my first real understanding about what integrity meant and just how important it was. Integrity is just one characteristic of a man of God, but it is so crucial to our existence and pursuit of a Godly life.

From that point forward, I learned how important it is to make sure people know where you stand; where you draw that line in the sand and say, “I go no further than this.”

One definition of integrity is “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.” You have probably heard it said another way – “doing the right thing when no one is looking.”

God is always looking, so do the right thing. Make the right choices for the right reasons. Be the father who guides and disciplines his children, the son whom a parent can trust, and the man a father can entrust his daughter’s life to.

Integrity can be expensive. It can cost you relationships with people who don’t believe or respect your stance in life. In striving to live a life of integrity, you will have these types of losses and there will be more to come, but don’t change what you believe.

The disciples had integrity to continue the ministry after Jesus ascended. Most met terrible fates, but they continued doing the right thing even with a constant threat of death hanging over their lives. Their rewards, as ours will be, are not here on earth. Our rewards are waiting for us, because He has prepared a place for us. What a great feeling!

My company motto is something I strive to follow every single day:

Integrity does not stand in my way… it is my way. (WM)

Please remember one thing as you go out this week. You are not defined by your failures; rather by your attempts, your heart, your faith, and your integrity.

Until next time,