The last time I visited with you I discussed integrity and that integrity is sometimes costly. Or so it seems to us now, here in this life.

I am sure that every one of you have made sacrifices or “given in” in all kind of situations throughout your life. You may have gone to work instead of going to college to help your family; worked a second job to afford an apartment, a house, or reliable car; moved away from family and friends to take a job; or loaned money to a friend and were never repaid. The list may go on and on.

If you look back on those times, were the sacrifices you made worth it? Even if things did not work out, did you learn something that you could take with you in order to make better choices later? There is value in every decision you make. That also means taking ownership of your actions, whether you are the hero or the loser.

I have made some sacrifices in my life that have been both good and bad at the same time but always a learning experience. I can’t say I liked the bad times, but looking back, it probably was not as bad as I thought at the time.

As we step to closer to the Trinity, closer to a holy life, some sacrifices we have to make are larger and harder, because there is more at stake, so much more. Choosing Christ and taking active steps toward holiness can separate you from family, friends, and acquaintances who do not believe or even walk in faith like you do. It is tough to do, but as you go forward, the rewards will be worth it. You may not see it here, but you will see it.

This is also about the time that Satan will try to make you second-guess your actions. Do you have those thoughts or even a little voice saying, “Why should you?” or “you are just stupid, these people don’t care” or “you are worthless, why would God want you?”

I really want to make something clear, God would never say those things to you. He only builds us up, he wants us to succeed, to be with him. Anything else you hear is the enemy!

Time is the one area of sacrifice that may be the toughest to reconcile. There is no repayment, no getting it back. Having to work and miss a child’s soccer or baseball game, doing mission work away from home when the air conditioner breaks, or just too tired to do everything on your list, all of these examples cost us time in one way or another. Although tough and sometimes heartbreaking, remember these are just earthly sacrifices. One glorious day it will not matter, for when we meet God all trouble, all pain, and all tears will be gone, never to return. That is God’s amazing promise to those who are in Christ!!!

I have been fortunate to meet the eight other men in this ministry who reach out and push men to restore their hearts and reconnect with God and their families. We sacrifice time from our families but believe that the eternal rewards far outweigh the earthly costs.

Where do you sacrifice?

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