Our son has struggled with making poor decisions throughout his life. He had been living in Las Vegas for the past three years and was going from job to job. He called us a few months back and shared that he was abusing alcohol and heroin and had been hanging around with some dangerous people. We didn’t hear from him for about a period of three months so we decided to file a missing person’s report with the police department. They suggested that we call the hospitals and the morgue, my wife called the hospitals and I called the morgue. I thank God that he wasn’t there!

To make a long story short, we eventually ended up getting in contact with him. He had been homeless for some time and had reached a place in his life where he was ready and willing for a change. We bought him a bus ticket back to Kansas City, he had no I.D. but by the grace of God, they let him on the bus anyway. A friend had told us to contact the Hope Center, (it’s a Christian recovery center) and that maybe by chance they would be able to help him. I called and they said that someone had recently left the program and that there was an opening. I was told to bring him in the day after he arrived in KC. I did so, he has been there for a few short weeks now and has chosen to serve and walk with God, what a miracle!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sharing about my son’s life and all the crazy things he has done. The point I want to get across is “don’t ever give up praying for your loved ones”. We’ve been praying for years for our son who is now thirty-nine years old. We wondered if we would ever see him change in our lifetime, but with God all things are possible. He is on the road of recovery and seems to have made a true heart change.

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