Where do you find peace and rest? At your home, in the wilderness; some place of solace, right? It seems like the search can be endless, like a never-ending game of the popular Milton Bradley game “Risk.” Ahh, “playing the game” as they say, trying to make it in the world. But that’s just it, the world can’t get us there. It can’t provide that solace we seek. I know, I know. This is basic, right? But let me tell you, in the spirit of full disclosure; I struggle with this daily. I struggle to find rest, and in turn, peace. This comes from all the usual distractions and commitments we all deal with, the balancing act; “the game.”

I’m not a person who can sit still for too long. I get restless. I like to be on the move but it’s not sustainable. I get run down and begin to feel overwhelmed. That’s right where the enemy wants me; where he wants all of us. Busy! One of my E6 brothers shared with me one of the greatest acronyms. B.U.S.Y- Buried Under Satan’s Yoke. That is so true and it was great wisdom to pass along, so I pass it along to you. This is the enemy’s plan, bury us in busyness; keep us from peace and rest in the Father.

I shared earlier that I constantly struggle in this arena. It’s true. Even with all the head knowledge and the wisdom given to me through quiet time with the Father, this is where Satan knows he can get at me. My career requires me to be on the move, in front of things and always strategizing in a highly competitive and high stakes environment. It’s exhilarating but also exhausting. Given this, I struggle to maintain a time of rest and solitude in the Word and with the Father.

It’s painful to admit that. I mean, I’ve been involved in the ministry for a number of years and this is the basis, quiet time with the Father, to get peace and wisdom. But I will say prior to this revelation from the Father via his Word, the boot camps, studies etc., I would have been taken out by the enemy. Not to be seen in the Word for months or years and no relationship with the Father. Thankfully, God has changed me here, to where I can at least recognize the root cause of feeling overwhelmed and tired and I can regroup. This is the challenge for many of us. Getting lost in the busyness of day to day.

But God directs us to rest, rely on him, seek him and he will bring peace. This releases us from that feeling of being overwhelmed which comes straight from the enemy. It allows us true rest; resting in God the Father. As I mentioned, this is a constant struggle, but it just takes a small reset; one minute of quiet time or a 3 minute worship song to get this peace. It doesn’t need to be another arduous task we create. God just wants conversation. Intimacy. Invite him these small moments in the day to deliver a big presence of peace from God. Remember, Satan wants us to be so busy that we don’t take this time with God, remember “B.U.S.Y.” Keep that in mind. It was life changing for me.

So, take the time to engage with the Father; beat “the game.” Take time in the mornings when possible to have meaningful quiet time. Worship in song on the way to work. Listen to a podcast and pray. If you are on the run like I am many times, just take a few minutes here and there to engage. He’ll meet you when and wherever you need him. Just bring him in. He’s the game changer and world beater! Rest easy, Brothers!


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