This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit the town where I grew up. The reason for visiting was to help my Mom and Dad move into a brand new home in a retirement community. As I drove around the town, I noticed how many things have changed since I grew up while also noticing how a few things had not changed.

This time down “memory lane” brought to mind many wonderful memories of my time growing up. It also reinforced to me what has never changed and what has always been a rock and foundation for me. Those two things are: the unconditional love and support of my parents and the unconditional love and support of my Heavenly Father!

The two go hand in hand because as I have observed my parents throughout the last few years of my life, as they navigated many changes and challenges such as the loss of both of their parents, severe back surgery for my Dad, the selling of their childhood farm, and most recently my mom being diagnosed with cancer, the one constant has always been their unwavering faith and love for their Heavenly Father. At no time has their faith wavered, their belief in healing weakened, or their question of God’s heart toward them. They have been a rock and an inspiration of what true faith looks like.

This has been especially true since my Mom’s diagnosis with lung cancer about 3 months ago. I had always thought of my mom and dad as prayer warriors and an encouragement to others when they were going through struggles of their own, but to watch my mom and my dad walk thru this attack on her body has been something to behold. Their belief in God and how He is going to heal my mom and most importantly use her to help others as she navigates her treatments has pushed me and my faith. Watching my mom as she hands out Bibles to nurses and doctors and other cancer patients has challenged me in sharing my faith, while at the same time watching my Dad show his love and support by never leaving her side. They have been inspiration to me of what a life devoted to God looks like and what a committed and loving marriage looks like.

Even though we don’t know what the future holds with my Mom, walking thru this journey with her and my dad has already proved to be a blessing because of how it has brought our family closer together as well as brought an importance to appreciating every moment of life. It has also confirmed to me that no matter how things change or how much they stay the same, I can always count on the never-ending love and support of my parents and my Heavenly Father. He has shown once again His ability to turn what Satan meant for pain and heartache and instead has turned it into a testimony of his faithfulness and grace.

Just like my Mom and Dad, He never seizes to amaze me and is someone I can always count on and is someone you can count on too!

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