My father was never there for me as I grew up. This gave the enemy an open road to lay down many lies like, I’m all alone, I don’t matter, I have no value etc… I have come to understand that his plan was to bring self-destruction, or at the very least to make me harmless to the kingdom of darkness. Due to the healing of the pain and the lies that were in my life, I now have compassion to help other men be set free from the pain and lies they have experienced. I know that I have a purpose and a future being used by my heavenly Father in restoring the hearts of men. The deep pain I experienced continues to be healed and because of this healing I can now reach out to the men around me and share that Jesus Christ longs to draw us to Him and heal our hearts! I thank God that what the devil intended for evil God has used for good in my life. I too continue to work on my own issues as I venture thru the book studies and boot camps that we offer. This will continue to be a lifelong process for me.

We men at E6Ministries are devoted to helping others find restoration for their hearts through the healing power of Jesus Christ. I love being involved with E6Ministries and the awesome men that I have come to know over these past few years. Very few people find a band of brothers such as ours.

I will never give up fighting for the hearts of men, I am a warrior for good! 

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