It’s the BIG GAME! No, not the big game you’re thinking of where the two teams who’ve survived the post season get to the biggest sporting event in the world, the NFL championship. But rather the biggest game of all our lives collectively. The strategic game of advancing God’s kingdom and extending the victory over the enemy!

Are you actively participating in the Big Game? Or are you on the sidelines waiting for others to advance it for you? See, to use football as an example; you must be strategic and execute a game plan. Prior to any game, you study the opponent, identify your matchups, create plays to expose weaknesses in the opponent and play into your strengths. It’s a play by play script to defeat the opponent and advance the ball and win the game.

Our walk in faith and our efforts to advance God’s kingdom on earth is very similar. As men, we must accept our responsibility as the spiritual leader, the head coach. In preparing for daily battle with the enemy, we must prepare our game plan, be intentional in prayer to let God work within us to guide and direct us as we fight daily to lead our families and glorify God through our successes. It’s not something you take lightly. Quiet time will reveal God’s plan, his playbook for you. It will expose the lies of the enemy. The Bible is the playbook, the ultimate offensive weapon of truth and we are the skill players who execute the plays to defeat the enemy.

Are you being intentional with God to game plan and execute? Or are you simply “shooting from the hip” and feeling ineffective and frustrated. As men, we have to identify these tools and gifts God has given us. This is the only true way to be effective in our walk and in advancing the Kingdom. The best news is we come from a place of victory. Jesus’ death on the cross was a game changer. Death lost its sting, the enemy was exposed and the playbook was written. All we need to do is study in preparation and growth in our relationship with the Father, execute the plays by praying, rebuking the enemy and his lies and invoke the authority of God in our lives on a daily basis. That’s the game plan for our lives, created by the one true King! How awesome is that! So, to use a popular quote, “what time is it… Game Time!”. So, let’s go get it, Brothers!


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