Over the past 10 weeks I have been in a study on the book The Journey of Desire by John Eldredge. It has brought about laughter, tears of joy and of pain. And it has been one the most important things I have ever done.

As we have gone through this study, I am reminded of men who told me they no longer dreamed, at all. It has weighed upon my heart and I knew then I was not intentional in trying to help them, because I did not understand how someone could ever be in that situation. I now understand…

If you dream and have desires, that is a God given thing. There is nothing wrong with them.

Some men have been kicked and beaten down the point they don’t want the pain of failure or rejection, and do not dream anymore. Trying to numb your heart and reject dreams and desires will close you down and it will be tough to hear God when he is talking to you.

I want to make a challenge to you: For at least five minutes, write down your desires with the premise there are no limitations and no fear. What would you want to do; here on earth, or more importantly, in Heaven?

If you have been in car going 120mph and like speed, would you like to ride a slow comet going 26 miles a second (1560 mph)? Jumping on a humpback whale while he is sounding? Fish again with your Grandfather?

After you have made your list, really take a look at it and see if you got everything you want to try, again without any fear. Add to it whenever you come up with a new desire.

After this challenge, think about what it felt like to re-engage with desire and to dream about “when” not “if”. It does the heart and mind good, brings energy back into your life.

 One other challenge I would ask of you: Pass the challenge on to friends or family, specially to those that may have started closing off. At this time in our lives, it is tough to stay positive with all that is going on.

Lean into God, and bring others with you…


I pray blessings on each of you….Warren

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