Most everyone has seen “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I would guess that sometime in your life you have asked “What am I worth” or “What difference do I make”? I know I have.

I am here to tell you that no matter where you are in life, you do and can make a difference in people’s lives, which can affect many more lives. Much of your influence you will never know about.

Your choices influence and provide guidance to your family, friends, and maybe co-workers. It is your decision to be a good or poor influence. I recommend be intentional and for good.

If you are blessed with spouse and/or children, know they learn much from you. Your spirit, passion, attitude, and goals influence each of their lives. And the choices they make in their future.

I believe in the “space time continuum” from the Back to the Future movie series. If we were to have done one thing different, much, if not all we see in our life, would not be present. Live with no regrets. From this day forward, be intentional with your relationships.

First, with Jesus. Connect or reconnect with Him to ground your existence. Set aside time daily to ask Him for guidance. Unplug from all noise so you can hear His response. Don’t rush His answer.

Next, any close family members should know who you are and what you believe in. Again, take the time to talk and listen to each other.

It is never too late to become a positive influence in someone’s life. Kind words, encouragement, and constructive discussion may provide the right direction for someone who is wandering through life, without purpose. Sometimes, you may have to give “tough love” to provide the correct influence.

As I stated earlier, each of us may never know what someone does because of us, but the impacts can be huge.

My two daughters have played roles that they will never see the final outcomes, but I can imagine what their impact has been on others.

My oldest just retired as a Flight Medic in the Air National Guard and was deployed multiple times overseas. She and the crews she worked with provided life-saving measures on hundreds of men and women injured during the war. Each veteran’s life saved provided an opportunity for their lives to be a continued influence on their families.

My youngest is helping train, through a hospital, resident doctors to learn how to ask patients questions to determine their illnesses and develop a good “bedside manner”. These doctors may one day have a great influence on the many people they see in their practice.

And on it goes……

So back to you – Are you influencing people and how?

If not, ask yourself this – Where can I make a difference? Is there someone that I can mentor?

I challenge each of you to take a step forward and make a difference in someone’s life.

Your brother in Christ, Warren

P.S.  Something is coming on May 1st.  Registration for the fall Boot Camp will open.  Hope you can make it!

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